Traditional Lucky Color Bringing Good Fortune and Victory

Premium edition dyed in "Kachi-iro" color


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Reborn to fit the usage of the age to come VAIO flagship model, New VAIO SX14

Its greatly evolved materials and shape, represented by the 3-D molded carbon top panel created based on the knowledge cultivated in the flagship mobile VAIO Z and the flat aluminum palm rest made of high-brightness aluminum material, have been dyed in "Kachi-iro" color, imbuing it with a sense of quality.


VAIO's corporate color is deep and deep indigo. In ancient Japan, this color was called "Kachiiro". It symbolizes fortune, luck and victory.
Legend holds that their favored the hue because it led to “kachi”, or “victory”, so they referred to the hue of their indigo-dyed wear as “Kachi-iro”, “the color of victory”.

Deeper and more vivid "Kachi-iro" color made possible by high brightness aluminum material

The flat aluminum palm rest, which consists of a single sheet plate with an even keyboard surface, is anodized and dyed in the perfect "Kachi-iro" color. The use of high-brightness aluminum material, which has a stronger brilliance than ordinary aluminum material, has succeeded in creating a "Kachi-iro" color that is deeper and more vivid than ever before.

Kachi-iro carbon top panel providing a tactile experience that is also high class

The 3-D molded carbon top panel, newly adopted in New VAIO SX14, is painted with a uniquely formulated Kachi-iro color paint with a marginal level of pearl powder to reproduce the same deep and vivid Kachi-iro color found in the palm rest. While the matte texture has a poised feel, it also has a high quality appearance that changes greatly depending on the angle of view and lighting.

Soft golden logo and ornamentation

The VAIO logo on the top surface and the ornament on the back of the hinge that connects to the seamlessly molded carbon top panel are of a special gold color that highlights the "Kachi-iro" color., and makes it glow softly and elegantly in the light.

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The anti-spill feature is only available on the keyboard and is not applicable on water damage to other parts of the laptop.

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