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VAIO® SX12: The Tiniest VAIO® Was Born To Be Mighty


HONG KONG, September 5th, 2019Nexstgo Company Limited announces it will officially launch the much-anticipated VAIO® SX12 in Hong Kong on September 6th, 2019. The retail price from $13,980 making for a stylish technology statement that offers excellent connectivity on the go, and packing its petite frame with exceptional performance. VAIO® SX12 is available in 4 distinctive colours including black, silver, brown and pink, enabling highly mobile users to express themselves wherever they go.


Minimal in stature, rich in connectivity

The cover and baseplate of VAIO® SX12 is built with integrated layers of unidirectional carbon fibre composite material that increases chassis robustness for enhanced protection, while still keeping the laptop thin and light at a mere 899g. This also adds a degree of vibration-damping flexibility to the case, so it thrives as an utterly reliable travel companion.


About the size of a sheet of A4 paper, the 12.5" VAIO® SX12 brings a wider screen area by adopting a thin bezel design. This provides for an intelligently formatted and well-equipped laptop offering maximum functionality in a minimal chassis size, and for a variety of user types. Connectivity includes a USB Type-C™ port, 3 USB ports, a HDMI port, a VGA connector and LAN connection, so there should never be a need to carry external adapters again.


Ingenious design, uncompromised comfort and functionality

The VAIO® SX12 features a full-size keyboard with 19mm key travel, so comfortable and error-free typing is guaranteed. Each keycap's supporting mechanism is improved to avoid the occasionally annoying 2KHz typing noise that a conventional keyboard generates. Greater typing precision is achieved by the refined travel distance between keycaps, and a far more reassuring and comfortable key travel feel results. Besides, each keycap is covered by a specialized abrasion-resistant coating to prevent smudges and streaks, keeping the keys clean and clear even after prolonged use.


Thanks to the delicate slanting angled design, the keyboard is automatically tilted when the screen is opened, helping to reduce stress on the palms and wrists while giving you a comfortable typing position. The trackpad features dedicated left and right physical buttons for optimal speed, productivity and typing comfort. Similar to the keyboard, the improved supporting mechanism underneath the buttons ensures your every click is as noise-free as possible.



Exceptional performance and strong battery life

Featuring an 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor, VAIO® SX12 delivers high performance and power efficiency in a lightweight aluminium-stainless steel alloy chassis that effectively disperses heat generated by the CPU. VAIO’s efficient cooling system eliminates the need for a fan, and because it never overheats, the design eliminates unnecessary fan noise as well as removing the need for any similarly redundant parts. This contributes to the laptop’s exceptional lightness. VAIO® SX12 also supports VAIO TruePerformance, a technology that helps optimize and maximize CPU and overall performance of the laptop.


VAIO® SX12 provides a battery life of up to 10.5 hours, keeping the user productive all day long. Its fast charging feature allows recharging of the laptop to around 80% in merely an hour, and battery life is preserved optimally. The USB Type-CTM port of SX12 supports charging from your handy power bank or any regular 5V cell phone charger. Working on the go has never been easier.


Made in Japan – A Quality Assurance

VAIO® SX12 is “Made in Japan”, starting right the way through from its early assembly work. In fact, the VAIO® SX12 is entirely manufactured at VAIO’s technology labs in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. To ensure the highest quality possible at all stages of design, development and manufacture, components that require ultra-high precision during assembly, such as the touchpad and keyboard, are carefully assembled and tested by hand. Such careful attention to detail benefits the long-term functionality of SX12, as well as serving of a guarantee of exceptional performance over time.


Instant and hassle-free login is made possible with the built-in fingerprint sensor in VAIO® SX12. A touch of the finger is all it takes to log in, and advanced biometric security also means your data is more secure than ever. VAIO® SX12 provides peace of mind from its durability quality tests, and the robust carbon fibre-reinforced chassis adds an extra dimension of safety to protect valuable information.