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New VAIO® S11 and S13 Notebooks Officially Launched in Malaysia


Nexstgo brings back iconic VAIO series of notebooks

New VAIO® S11 and S13 Notebooks Officially Launched in Malaysia


PETALING JAYA, 15th August 2018 – Rejoice, Malaysian notebook fans – the VAIO is back! The iconic sleek-looking notebook series is now officially available in Malaysia, kicking off with the launch of its new VAIO® S11 and S13 VAIO notebooks for business professionals who value performance, portability, and style. 


 “We are honoured to work with VAIO Corporation to bring back the iconic VAIO series of notebooks to Malaysia. Despite the brand being away from the market for a few years, the VAIO brand impression still remains strong among local business professionals who have long recognised the quality of ‘Made in Japan’ mark of VAIO notebooks.  The new VAIO® S11 and S13 models represent the pinnacle of portability, style, and performance in notebooks. This is the definition of our pursuit of excellence,” said Alex Chung, CEO of Nexstgo, licensing partner of VAIO Corporation in Asia.

New VAIO® S11 and S13 Notebooks Officially Launched in Malaysia

Carefully assembled in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, the new VAIO® S11 and S13 notebooks pride itself with first-rate production, advanced electronics, and devoted obsession for craftsmanship – a set of procedures called the “Azumino Finish”. The VAIO® S11 and S13 notebooks retain their iconic hexagonal design while staying slim and lightweight. They are also regularly subjected to stringent quality tests to ensure they are highly durable and reliable. 


Exceptional Performance in a Sleek Package

The new VAIO® S11 and S13 notebooks are optimized with VAIO TruePerformance technology, allowing the latest 8th Generation Intel® Core™ CPU Processors inside the notebooks to be improved by 11% to 13%. This is due to the enhanced design and architecture of its heat sink, therefore allowing the VAIO notebooks to perform at longer periods of time thanks to its more efficient dispersal of processor heat. 


With an outstanding battery lifespan of up to 8 hours for the VAIO® S13 and 11 hours for the VAIO® S11 notebooks respectively, business professionals can rest assured knowing their notebooks will be ready for them when they most need it. In the event that they need do need to recharge their notebooks, an hour’s time of charging will quickly restore about 80% of battery power. 

Both VAIO® S11 and S13 notebooks are equipped with carefully crafted keyboards that don’t only reduce typing noise – they are also anti-spill. In the unlikely event of accidental drink spillage, the notebook will still endure normal operation for an adequate amount of time to allow data storage. Both VAIO® S11 and S13 notebooks also come with fingerprint scanners that make unlocking laptops easy while significantly enhancing data security. 


With the lightweight carbon fibre chassis, the VAIO® S11 weighs in at only 0.85kg with its 11.6” FHD IPS display, making it the lightest of the two new notebooks. The equally light 1.07kg VAIO® S13 comes with magnesium alloy chassis and a 13.3” FHD IPS display. Both notebooks’ GPUs are powered by an Intel® UHD Graphics 620. An ample serving of up to 16GB of RAM is offered for both notebook models, along with a superfast internal SSD of 512GB. 


The VAIO® S13 notebook only comes in black and silver, while the smaller VAIO® S11 notebook will have more colour options, including black, silver, brown, pink and white. The VAIO® S11 will be priced between RM 6,499 to RM 6,699 while the VAIO® S13 will retail at RM 6,199 to RM8,399. Interested buyers will be able to purchase the new VAIO notebooks in person at Plaza Lowyat and Digital Mall, the latter of housing the Nexstgo flagship store. The new VAIO notebooks will also be available on Lazada online store.